Who am I?

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

A deep question!

I’m more of an experience than an explanation. But alright, I’ll try to describe myself with words.

It was easier earlier in my life, when I called myself a business woman, coach, management trainer, leader, yoga and meditation teacher ...and so on. I labeled myself with what I had studied, the title I had and what I had achieved, and that made it easy for me and others. Maybe it's not that different now. But at least I ask myself;

What is my gift?

What am I really doing?

Who am I in this ”doing”?

I realized that I’m creating or more precise unfolding my own masterpiece - ME - and I’m part of others masterpieces as well. A realisation that became an awakening for me. Everything is art, life is art and I’m part of this beautiful beautiful artwork. A creation that can become whatever we choose.

The outer world is just a mirror of the inner world. We create what we are.

I create, I transform and I unfold, that’s what I do just by being myself.

It happens to me and others who are around me. How? I listen, some would call it meditate, and I hear, I feel and I see the unspoken within. I hear the voice of the soul. You can call it core, potential, longing... It can be a person (individual body), a group (collective body) or a business organism. Maybe words or colors on a piece of paper which are longing to become a book or a painting.

In my artwork I support processes that give space for the soul. It creates an environment for the layers to fall. So I don't give so much attention to the layers that covers the soul. Instead, I hold the space for a transformation to happen and for the soul to take its place and shine through. When the body, mind, heart and the soul are aligned, it shines. Yes, it does.

If I would put a label on me, what would it be?

Soul whispering artist? Soul whisperer? Soul artist? Soul? Body? Artist? 

No I can't do it! I cant label my self. I am nothing and still all.

I can play with it because it's fun, but seriously I can't put a label on me. 

What I can label are my gift/s: to create - to transform - to unfold by just being me with my ability of hearing the unspoken and see the unseen. 

Did I confuse you? Good... questions are great. They bring people together, makes them say Hi, who are you? Tell me more? Do you want to hear my story?

YES I love to hear your story!

Who are you?

What is you gift?

Do you share your gift to the world?

It really is beautiful when we find the rainbow inside and let us be everything that we are. It has so many colors. So many beautiful colors. We humans have so many variations within, still the being has none it just is. In every one of us everything exists. We find opposites, contradictions. It's all the same just different appearances. It can be difficult to figure out who we are and who others are, don't even bother. We don't need to understand, but rather to experience how we are and the connection we get. So don't try to much understand yourself, or me. Just hang out with yourself and if you want include me.

That's all!

Welcome to my world and my blog about A SOULS LIFE EXPERIENCE IN A HUMAN BODY

Light and Love

// Tina Ikonomidou



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