I’m falling

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

The ground under my feet has disappeared.

I’m stumbeling. I’m falling. Loosing or winning my self. Who knows. The death of the ego is coming to take me home.

No more doing

No more

My body is still, maybe dead

Nobody is here

I’m a shell

A empty shell

and I’m falling

No breathing drug

No meditation saviour

Nothing can save me now

My body doesn’t move

Hello hello where are you?

What is happening?

The ego is whispering

What about your doings!


Get up


... but tears

I’m falling

falling into my tiredness

falling into my heart

into the womb of the universe

This human thing

That I have dishonered for so long

I took you for granted

I used you

I rejected your needs

I’m sorry

I love you

Please forgive me

I’m falling

In to me

To honour and protect me

To listen and take care of me

To love and support myself

Till death do us apart

My beautiful human body

I love you

// Me



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