This is my human dress that holds the space for my soul.


I love to experience life within as well as without and to use creativity to express my inner world through words, colors, and sounds. It makes me feel alive and anchored to my core. It takes me close to myself, to the origin of life, nature and to people.

In everything I am and do, I unfold. I unfold me, others, situations and creations to bring out the pure and essential. It can be in my work as a counselor/nature based coach and in my expression through art and writing.   

Some call me life & business coach, others call me spiritual teacher and some soul whisperer. I see my self as a life artist with a lot of skills and expressions. I can't really put myself in a box. Boxes don't fit me. They are always too small and too stiff. I like to use the whole spectra of my being. That is true freedom for me.


This is what I do for a living, how I express my passion and use my knowledge.

I have a master's degree in social science (International relations/leadership) and have been coaching and supporting people and groups for almost 20 years. For12 years I have been a manager/entrepreneur guiding other leaders in business and life. For 10 years I deepened my work with people including yoga, breathwork and meditation. Now sustainable and nature based leadership is starting to take place in my work. I specialize in leadership; managers leading themselves and others and people in general with a deep interest in their self- and soul leadership. What do I mean with soul leadership? I mean leadership from a core perspective that includes deep inner focus. 


If you want to know more about my skills and experience take a look at my profile at LinkedIn.

You can also contact me for more information, if you want to work with me as a mentor/coach or buy my artwork.

Below you see the platforms, businesses, and projects I put energy to. It is my way to contribute to a better world.

I offer support for 
self experience
& inner journeys to aligned humans with their beings and life purpose.
I coach national and international companies & their leaders to more sustainable ways of leading themselves and others.
I publish sacred creations and expressions of art, audios & books.
My actions
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My lifeprojects

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